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Using Garlic To Fight Cancer



Garlic as a Cancer Fighting Tool? The more scientists study garlic, the more benefits they find come from eating it. For instance, did you know garlic can not only prevent cancer, but may also be able to help treat it? There are many benefits in this great little food.

Scientists have done various studies to determine why garlic can fight cancer so well. The main cancer fighting compound in garlic is a chemical called allicin. Allicin is what gives garlic its distinct smell; it also protects the garlic plant from organisms that may attack it. Allicin isn’t the only anti-cancer chemical in garlic. Garlic also contains allicin-derived compounds, as well as other chemicals that aren’t even related to allicin. That’s what makes garlic so special; it contains a whole slew of compounds to fight off cancer and help keep you healthy.

If we compare cultures that have large amounts of garlic in their diet to cultures that get very little of these foods, we find that the cultures with higher garlic intake have less incidence of cancer. While we cannot definitively say that garlic is the cause of this difference, other studies have shown its preventative power. Studies have found increased garlic intake to be associate with a decreased chance of colon and stomach cancers. Another study found the garlic prevented rats from being purposely given esophageal cancer. We also know that garlic helps fight a wide variety of infectious diseases. This means out immune system has to fight microorganisms less and can focus on preventing cancer cells from growing.

There have been many studies in humans and animals that show garlic to help not only with preventing cancer, but also in helping to treat it. It is considered most effective in fighting cancer of the stomach and esophagus because it helps to lower nitrite levels. Garlic has been proven to lower the death rate in stomach cancer patients. In studies of general cancer patients, garlic was found to cut tumor size in half in one study, and produce significant improvements of symptoms in over two-thirds of the patients in another study. While garlic should not be your only weapon in battling cancer, it can be a powerful tool to give you a leg-up in the fight.

Te benefits of garlic do depend on what kind of garlic you eat and how it is prepared. Most studies have found garlic to be equally effective whether it is raw or cooked; however, if you cook the garlic, wait at least 15 minutes after peeling before you cook it. You can also get the benefits from garlic power or compressed garlic oil. Don’t rely on aged or spray dried garlic; they don’t have the same benefits.

If used properly and regularly, garlic can be a powerful tool in preventing or treating various cancers.


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