Save Earth - Why Waste?

by Paul

My parents always told us, ‘Don’t throw away what you can use again!’ This inspired all of us siblings to use and reuse, recycle and repair.

The lessons learned early in life, stayed with us throughout our adulthood. I always saw my mother save things. Even little things like aluminum foil was straightened out and reused by my mom! Though, in those times, aluminum foil was considered precious! She used to save the used Ziploc bags, wash them and use them over!

What’s more, she also used to preserve wrapping paper. The most annoying memory I have of my birthdays are that my mom wouldn’t let me tear open my presents. She would carefully open each one, making sure that the paper doesn’t get torn, and then straighten it out, and keep them in a drawer and use as needed. Unbelievable!

As I grew older, I realized that we as a nation waste a lot! We waste food and drinks, water, energy, paper and electricity. If all of us became just a wee bit more sensible about our life style and sensitive to our surroundings on Earth, we could save tons!

For example, if all of us took a shower only twice a week and sponge bathed the rest of the time, we could save an enormous amount of water.

If all of us decided to car pool, we could breathe in a cleaner environment. If we made a pact to carry cloth bags with us for shopping, we could reduce the amount of plastic bags used.

We could all save rain water by putting buckets and barrels in our back yard and then use this water for plants and other things.

If we made a point to switch off all electrical appliances like microwave, TV, stereo and laptop from the power outlet and not let them run on stand-by mode, we could save at least 40 percent more energy.

Little gestures like these that don’t sound like they can do much, actually make a huge difference when executed at a larger scale. If everyone unites for a good cause, then eventually things do start to turn around. It’s only a matter of making an effort to be a earth hugger.

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