Recycling to Help People

by Michael Marks
(West Bend, Wisconsin, USA)

In some states 3 cans really can buy an apple

In some states 3 cans really can buy an apple

Many businesses and people still throw away valuable "trash". The landfills are growing, and more space is needed every day. People know about recycling, however it does not get taken to heart. When I see aluminum cans sitting on the sides of the road, it feels like people throwing money away with the added downsides of polluting our environment.

I recently read that an estimated 50% of aluminum cans are still being thrown away! Pieces of copper, iron, steel, and lead are thrown away daily. All of these items are valuable, and we should be analyzing the good that can be accomplished just by being environmentally responsible.

There is a great need to for everyone to be more responsible so I started the nonprofit, 501(c)(3)organization "Recycling for Food" to help encourage businesses, organizations, schools, and individuals to recycle more. My dream is to use the encouragement of providing a tax deduction for the items businesses and people throw away, will help them decide to recycle more. With the added benefit that homeless and needy people will be provided with food is a great added bonus. It's a plus for everyone. The energy is conserved when using recyclables for raw materials, the environment benefits from being less polluted, people in need are taken care, and there are less taxes for yourself to pay.

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