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Organic: A State of Mind


Organic is More Than Just growing your own food

The world is buzzing with all this talk about organic lifestyles. Most think that if they eat produce marked with an organic sticker then they have done their job. Living in an organic way is more than just what you eat. It is a state of mind.

Many thought that organic was just a fad, but it has become a popular trend. People are living longer, but not necessarily better. Old age is still bringing with it health problems that we have not corrected. Adopting an organic lifestyle means restructuring not only what you eat, but also how you think and how you conduct your everyday life.

When you get sick, do you automatically reach for the nearest medicine? What did our grandparents reach for? Herbal remedies for common ailments like cold symptoms, allergies, upset stomach, and headaches have been around for centuries. Detoxifying the body is also a part of organic living. Using lemon juice at the first sign of cold symptoms reduces or eliminates further cold problems. Baking soda in a four ounce glass of water helps calm acid indigestion and upset stomach. Certain oils like menthol help to reduce nasal congestion.

What about our homes? People are injured or killed every year when they mix the wrong cleaning chemicals. The products that we purchase from the stores say that they are safe for septic systems or certain surfaces, but what about our bodies. Some chemicals are caustic and can burn the skin or mucous membranes if we are not careful. Good old soap and water can do the job on most surfaces. Sprinkling crushed mint about will keep ants out of your house in the spring and summer months. Ammonia can be used to clean glass surfaces. Baking soda and white vinegar followed by hot water can unclog a drain and clean it as well.

Food is just the beginning. Organically grown foods are good for our bodies, because we eliminate the possibility of pesticide residue entering our digestive system. But we must also eliminate chemicals that are not good for us in our home environment. Children love to explore the area under the sink for some reason and some find danger lurking there in the form of household cleaners. Dipping a finger in the baking soda will give them a bad taste in their mouth, but dipping a finger into the bleach will send them to the hospital.

It takes time to set up a total organic lifestyle, but the rewards are worth it. Knowing that you are doing everything you can to keep your home and your family safe brings peace of mind. Think of organic living as a return to the old ways.


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