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Just What Does Organic Living Mean? We have all seen the labels on food products that say “organic” but what does that mean? Organic living has come to mean a return to a simpler way of life. We won’t be giving up our televisions and cell phones, but we can learn to detoxify our lives.

When the notion of organic living first burst on the scene, the talk was mainly about the dangers of pesticides. A biologist named Rachel Carson wrote a book called Silent Spring (1962) that brought to light the dangers of the cumulative effect of pesticides. Pesticide use was high during the 1950’s and ‘60’s.

People have become more concerned about their health. What was it about our parents and grandparents that helped them to live longer? We have so many modern conveniences these days but major health problems still exist. In the search for the key to long life, organic living got its start.

Organic living encompasses every facet of our life. Moving away from the smog and smoke of the city to live in the country is an admirable idea. But, buying and eating food that contains preservatives is counterproductive. For one to say that they are “going organic” they must investigate ways to purify their life from every angle.

In order to live organic, one must do their homework. Read all the information that you can about organic and synthetic substances. Synthetic substances are ones that are created to mimic naturally occurring ones. Synthetic substances are cheaper than the real deal. Chemical compounds can become unstable or breakdown into other substances that are not so good for the body.

Changing to an organic lifestyle takes time and patience. Each change that is made becomes a habit that can be passed on to your children. They in turn will learn to simplify their lives. Think about your family predecessors. What about their lives is different from ours? Well, they worked sun up to sundown. They had gardens, raised chickens and cows, canned vegetables, made soap or bought from someone who made theirs, and a host of other things.

To live organically is to live from the earth. If we don’t have time to tend to a garden, we can visit farmer’s who do and refrain from using pesticides. We don’t raise chickens in the city, but chicken farmers who want healthier animals give them certain feed so they can raise an organic product.

We don’t have to leave our jobs and return to a log cabin in order to go organic. With a little legwork, we can find the products we need to better our lives. When our bodies adjust to the lack of chemicals we will feel like new people.


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Benefits of Consuming Raw Organic Food

One of the latest diet crazes is the raw food diet. It may seem like an odd idea to eat all your food raw, but it’s really only natural. All the animals on the planet eat raw food except for humans and those raised by humans. And those that eat cooked food tend to have a shorter lifespan and more widespread disease. Before you dismiss raw food as the latest fad diet, take a look at the benefits it has to offer.


Certified Organic Body Products

There are body products popping up on shelves everywhere marked as “organic”. They claim to be much more beneficial for you than other body products. You’re probably thinking “what are organic body products and are they really better for me?” Well, organic body products are actually a complicated issue; there’s no simple answer, but here’s some help for sorting it out.


Getting Started On Organic Foods – The Basics

Organic foods and products are becoming more and more popular, but if you don’t know a lot about organic food; you probably don’t realize why they’re worth spending the extra money on. Here’s some information that will hopefully help you make the healthy switch to organics.


Is Organic Food Really the Healthier Choice?

Since organic food started to gain popularity in the late 1990’s, people have been skeptical about the superiority of organics. Many people claimed that the benefits of organic over traditional products could not be proven. The truth is that there had simply not been enough testing done to prove the benefits of organic products or the drawbacks of traditionally produced food.


Organic Food Delivery – The Easy Way to Eat Right.

If you have kids, you’ve probably had some crazy grocery store experiences. You have to take the time to get each kid to stop what they’re doing, get ready, and get into the car. You then have to battle traffic on the streets and in parking lots while your kids are going wild and crazy in the back seat.


Why Every Parent Should Switch to Organic Baby Food

Many parents see organic baby food in health food stores or regular grocery aisles and simply pass it by. You probably think “I grew up on regular baby food and I’m fine”. Think about it this way, do you baby proof your gardening chemicals, or is your baby allowed to eat and drink pesticides? Okay perhaps it’s not an equal comparison, after all there are only small amounts of toxic chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers in traditional baby food but do you really want to take the risk?


Benefits of Organic Produce

Buying organic produce has become an increasing trend in recent years. Many people buy it because it’s natural and don’t even bother to research the benefits of these kinds of foods. By buying organic produce you are helping your family and the environment stay healthy and happy for years to come.


Eat Organic Food and Help the Planet

When most people hear the term “organic”, they think of decreased chemical use. In reality, organic agricultural production involves so much more than that. Organic agriculture is a fairly strict form of sustainable agriculture; a way of producing food products without harming the land. Its main goal is to work the land without preventing future generations from being able to use it as well. By buying organic products, you’re not only feeding your family safer food and preventing hazardous chemicals from entering the environment; you’re also protecting future generations.


How to Grow Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden

Wish you could have fresh, flavorful vegetables right at your fingertips all season long? Do you want to be confident that your vegetables are safe for your family to eat? Well, you can have all that and more. Growing your own organic vegetable garden not only assures fresh, safe, great tasting vegetables all season long; it also provides you with exercise, stress relief, and the knowledge that your hard work is accomplishing great things for your family. If this sounds like something you’d love to try, here are a few tips you need to know before you get started.


Losing Weight by Eating Organic Foods

Right now, it seems like everyone is looking for the secret to losing weight. They take pills and go on the latest diet looking for a quick fix. The truth is, there’s no miracle diet that will help you take off 20 pounds overnight, but there are things that can give you that extra boost to finally take the weight off once and for all. One great “extra boost” is organic food. These are foods grown without pesticides, hormones, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals. They are designed to work naturally with the environment around them and within the body of the person who eats them. Eating healthy with organics can help you finally take off those excess pounds naturally.


Is Organic Pet Food Worth the Extra Cash?

One of the latest health food crazes is organic food. It used to be only a handful of farmers produced organic products. Even when organics became widespread, only a few different food products were available. Now there’s an organic alternative to almost every product on the market, snack foods, shampoo, and now even pet food. You’re probably thinking “organic pet food, that’s crazy”, but consider this: when national dog shows are sponsored by a dog food company, the winner gets free dog food. Most winners then donate that food to local shelters instead of giving it to their dogs. Why? Because they know traditional dog foods are bad for dogs.


What is the Future of Organic Foods?

It seems the organic phenomenon has been sweeping markets all over the world. More and more people have been switching to healthier, pesticide free versions of their favorite fruits, vegetables, meats, and even snack food. But what about ten or twenty years from now? Will the organic food phenomena last or fade away?


Where to Buy Organic Foods

Many people are taking advantage of more readily available sources of organic food such as supermarkets and big chain health food stores. While these are more convenient, there are other places to buy organic products. Knowing where organics are available means finding the best prices and quality. Here are some of the more common and uncommon places to buy organic produce.


Start An Organic Garden

No matter how much you wash them, pesticide residues won’t come off of fruits and vegetables. But, if you want organic food without paying high prices, learn to grow your own. That way, you can happily say that you have contributed to making meals better for your family.


Why buy organic?

We’ve all been told that organic food is better for us; it contains more minerals and less dangerous chemicals, but many people don’t stop to think about the benefits organic food has on the environment and on its producers.


Organic Health Products

Organic health products were few and far between about twenty years ago. Some of the more “earthy” types bought into it, but the mainstream resisted. Now, the industry has made great strides mostly due to the mainstream.


7 Tips For Growing Organic Food

As everyday consumers, we can grow some of our own food without all the labor of the average farmer. Here are a few tips to help anyone grow their own food organically.


Is Organic Better

We have all seen the organic labels in stores and wondered about them.... is organic better? If a product is truly organic, nothing used to make it contained or came in contact with synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Without the added preservatives, the product is healthier.


Organic: A State Of Mind

Organic is More Than Just growing your own food. The world is buzzing with all this talk about organic lifestyles. Most think that if they eat produce marked with an organic sticker then they have done their job. Living in an organic way is more than just what you eat. It is a state of mind.


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