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Organic health products were few and far between about twenty years ago. Some of the more “earthy” types bought into it, but the mainstream resisted. Now, the industry has made great strides mostly due to the mainstream.

The sale of organic products is a billion dollar industry. The United States leads the way in organic trade with over eighteen billion dollars in sales. The organic food market in the UK has grown to over a billion pounds and is continuing to enjoy an upward trend. Japan has also jumped on the band wagon with over three billion dollars worth of sales. What does all this mean? The consumer is getting savvy about what they put into and onto their bodies.

Cosmetics and skin care has always been a multimillion dollar industry. With the addition of organic beauty and skin care products, the sales are better than ever. Unfortunately, with the popularity of organic products comes the problem. What is truly organic?

Companies have been getting by with a thoroughly inadequate definition of “organic” for far too long. They consider any compound in their product that contains carbon atoms to qualify as organic. We all know that carbon is a basic building block of all life on earth. But, toxic chemicals can contain carbon as well.

Read the labels. The front of the shampoo or skin lotion bottle may say it contains palm oil, but how much? If we see it listed on the back amongst the ingredients that’s good enough for us. Ingredients on labels must be listed in order of the amounts of each that are contained in the product. You may see palm oil on the label, but if it is at the bottom, then that means that there is actually very little in the preparation. What’s more, the product is not as organic as it appears to be. Most of the ingredients are actually not good for your skin or hair and can be hurting you instead of helping.

National chain stores such as Target, Walgreen’s, Kohl’s, and Wal-Mart carry certified organic skin care products. Paul Mitchell and Weleda carry body wash and lotion that are all natural. Mod Skin Labs and Ojon offer organic hair and body cleansers that don’t produce a build up on chemicals in the skin and they reduce irritation. All of these companies are also active in the environment, trying to make it a better place to live. These products and more are easy on the pocketbook and wonderful for your body.

Organic encompasses more than food. We start with the inside and work our way out. Then, we work to give back to the earth for all it has supplied to us.



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