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Natural Teething Remedies

Teething can be a horrible time for babies. Not only does a new tooth cause pain and discomfort for your little one, it also can be scary to have something new growing inside their mouth. While there are lots of products on the market, such as baby Tylenol and teething gels, these products can be dangerous for your child. Before you go shopping at the pharmacy aisle, try some of these natural remedies to stop teething pain.

Natural Heartburn Remedies

Heartburn is not only painful, if you suffer regularly, it can disrupt your sleep and your life. If taking over the counter or prescription medicine all day long doesn’t sound like the greatest idea, there are tons of natural remedies out there for you to try. They range from herbal pills and tea, to simple foods most people have in their house. Here are just a few ideas to cure your heartburn naturally.

Yoga For Seniors

Yoga is the perfect choice for senior fitness! Yoga may be popular with younger people today, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great workout for seniors. It’s low impact workout that doesn’t put excess stress on vulnerable bodies. It makes you feel better mentally and physically while it improves your health. Plus, there are poses for beginners, experts, and everyone in between; so you’ll never get bored. Here are just a few of the reasons yoga is a great workout for people of all ages, especially seniors.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Pomegranate has tons of wonderful benefits that you should know about. Once you know everything it can do for you, you’ll probably find yourself eating or drinking pomegranate every day.

Cucumber Juice For Blood Pressure

Reduce Your Blood Pressure with Cucumber Juice! When it comes to cucumber, most of us just throw a few on our salad at lunch or dinner and call it good. Some of us probably use them to reduce puffiness around the eyes fore often than we actually eat them. If you want the real benefit of cucumbers, take them off your eyes and pop them into the juicer (not the same ones!) Cucumber juice can help with your skin, just like slices, but it’s actually more beneficial in reducing your high blood pressure. So, before you go on a dangerous blood pressure medicine, or if your meds aren’t working as well as they should, try drinking a nice, tall glass of refreshing cucumber juice.

Garlic As A Cancer Fighting Tool

Garlic as a Cancer Fighting Tool? The more scientists study garlic, the more benefits they find come from eating it. For instance, did you know garlic can not only prevent cancer, but may also be able to help treat it? There are many benefits in this great little food.

Using Grape Juice to Battle Fatigue

Battling Fatigue? Try some Grape Juice! You work hard during the day; at night you deserve to take a break, relax, and get some rest. But how tired is too tired? If you come home so beat that you don’t even want to get up and move, you shouldn’t lie around waiting to feel better. You should get up and do something about your fatigue. Why not try a great natural energy booster? Grape juice.

Treating A Cold With Lemon Juice

Treat the Common Cold with Lemon Juice! The lemon has been used as a medicinal treatment since the days of ancient Rome. Lemon juice has been used in this country to treat the common cold for ages. Why does it work? Let’s look at the origin of the lemon to find out.

5 Uses For Peppermint Oil

It is becoming more common for people to skip potentially dangerous prescription and over the counter drugs for natural alternatives. The great thing about many of these natural products is that they can be beneficial for more than one problem. A great example is peppermint oil. It has been used to help with tons of various problems. Here are a few just 5 uses for peppermint oil you may just find yourself trying.

6 Benefits Of Green Tea

While green tea has been used in eastern cultures for over 4,000 years, only recently has it been recognized for its medicinal properties in western culture. Here are just 6 of the many health benefits that green tea can provide.

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