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Is Organic Better?


We have all seen the organic labels in stores and wondered about them.... is organic better? If a product is truly organic, nothing used to make it contained or came in contact with synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Without the added preservatives, the product is healthier.

The body has problems digesting these non-organic substances. Think about our ancestors. All of their foods, medicines, and beauty treatments originated from the earth. Some would argue that that was because they could do no better. But, I would say that they were on to something.

Sometimes the cure is worst than the disease. If you’ve ever read the insert that comes with a bottle of medication, there is a section entitled “Adverse events”. This is the list of side effects of the substance they are trying to market to you. The list of possible reactions to the drug can be quite long. Taking the medicine will solve one problem, but create others.

Using natural remedies keeps the body detoxified. Most conditions we suffer from today, our parents and grandparents encountered as well. They experienced headaches, constipation, fever, and the like. They didn’t have Tylenol® or Maalox® so they had to use what they did have: herbs and plants. Tribes of peoples living in the jungles of South America and the bush of Africa still use herbal medicines to treat themselves.

Modern medicine has its place. There are new ailments that were not heard of in grandmother’s day. Modern and ancient medicine working together can heal the body in a more natural and less harmful way. More and more people visit holistic healers to seek medical treatment. Herbal remedies keep the body free of toxins and delivers a treatment free of harmful side effects.

Pesticides used to keep vegetables free of insects and pests are toxic to the body. Rain can wash these pesticides off of the leaves of the plants and into the ground and the water table. The particles in factory smoke released toxic fumes in the air. Acid rain resulted from rain water mixing with these chemical particles. Now that scrubbers exist on smokestacks, the toxic release is less, but can still be unhealthy.

Remember the first time you heard about “mad cow disease”. The medical term is bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Cows were being fed ground up remains of diseased cows as a protein supplement. Cow owners were also selling cows potentially infected with BSE to meat plants where dangerous neurological tissue was mixed into the hamburger beef. The resulting hamburger meat made people sick and many died.

The world is not perfect. There is no one solution to healthier living. Organic products do give us a better option for keeping our bodies running in tiptop shape.


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