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Creating A Compost Pile


As you prepare to clear out your flower bed, you may not want to throw away those leaves just yet. You can use them as compost. If you’ve never had to deal with compost, here is how to create a compost pile.

Take all of the leaves; put them in a pile and leave them on the lawn. They will decompose before the arrival of spring. If you find they are not decomposing as quickly as you would like, use the mower to go over them; and wet them afterward. Another way is to use a lawn mower with a bag attached so that the leaves can be shredded and at the same time become available for when you need them.

In order to speed up the process of decomposition, you may wish to add manure or fertilizer together with soil. Remember too, that the compost pile will need drainage; therefore, you may want to pile the compost near the water hose. Do not, however, place the compost pile too near your home or trees as you don’t want the compost to come into contact with the wood.

Experts suggest that a good compost pile should be about three feet by three feet. In case you sense a hint of odor emanating from your compost pile, turn it. It either needs oxygen or there is too much water in the pile.

If you need further information, you can always go to your local gardening supply store and ask an expert. But for now, these tips on how to create a compost pile should suffice.
All you have to worry about is the weather cooperating with you. In the meantime, you can begin gathering those leaves and selecting a place to pile them. Spring….hurry up and get here!


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